Sunday, June 21, 2020

Falco movelist

Also known as the Golden General and the strongest successor of Gento Kō Ken, Falco is a deeply respected and deeply feared warrior who serves the Heavenly Emperor. He also wears a prosthetic leg, as his real one was sacrificed to Raoh in a previous encounter.

Gento Toki Ha
Double Gento Toki Ha
Air Toki Ha (in air)
Ten Sho Bu (in air)
Gento Hakuka Dan
Imperial Stand (continuate press for wait)
Stun sequence
Metsuto Ko-sei Jin (1 power stock)
Stunning Rings (1 power stock - continuate press)
Soo No Rin (2 power stock)
Gento Moten Sho (3 power stock - continuate press)
fury (3 power stock - low life)
life-up (3 power stock - very low life)

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