Fact & Features

The game it's composed by 9,500 frames (more or less).

Despite the fact that the sprites are two-dimensional, in some cases they can "intersect" as if they were three-dimensional (see Shin level 1 hyper or Rei level 2 hyper for an example of it).

Characters breathe faster when fatigued.

The AI respond in different way when fatigued.

The guard crash bar refill itself quickly if you don't perform special and hyper moves.

Characters get up faster when their life is high.

The AI store 3 numbers for every numeric variable.

The rank system is different if you play a good or an evil fighter.

The rank system is different if you play survival mode.

There are some elements of the stages that will appear different according to the fighters on the screen.

The blood on screen don't disappear, but tends to clot.

The dust raised by the fighters'aura changes according to the type of material the floor is made of, and its exposure to atmospheric agents.

If you complete the game the credits, at the end, report the names of all the supporters of the old forum.

The game correct (or try to correct) some Mugen engine bugs.

Some frames of credits and intro were repainted and/or redesigned by the Hokuto Project Team.

Some of Hokuto fighters techniques are useless versus Souther until you discover his secret.

The Hokuto Project team members live in very distant cities and towns, scattered throughout the Italian peninsula. Many of them never met, or talked on the phone.