Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yuda movelist

Yuda bears the destiny of the "Star of Enchantment/Beauty", which is also referred to as the "Star of Betrayal/Deception".
Yuda is infamous among the Nanto Rokusei Ken for betraying them in order to ally himself with Raoh.

Yōsō Hazan
Rotating kick
Defensive cutting cross
Deception Hit
Multiple scratches
Vertical betrayal fist (in air) 
Diagonal betrayal fist (in air)
Bloody finger hit (during run)
Nanto cutting fist (during run)
Stun sequence
Bloody scratch (1 power stock)
Red Blood stand (1 power stock)
Kessho Shi (during Red Blood stand)
Severe wound maker wave (during Red Blood stand)
Yōsō Hazan (2 power stock - continuate press)
Densho_Reppa (3 power stock)
fury (3 power stock - low life)

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