Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Shu movelist

Shu, the successor of the Nanto Hakurō Ken ("South Star White Heron Fist") style and one of the Nanto Roku Seiken. He carries the burden of the Star of Benevolence, who is destined to serve and protect the next generation.

Nanto Finger Slash
Spinning Kick (even in air)
Flying Overhead Kick (during Handstand)
Rising Backflip Kick (during Handstand)
return to stand (during Handstand)
Dive Kick (in air)
Teleport (during Yugen Sho)
Combo Kicks
Stun sequence
Nanto Saichoku Sasen (1 power stock)
Nanto Rekkyaku Zanjin (2 power stock) - even during Handstand
Nanto Deep Smash (2 power stock) - or always during Yugen Sho
Yugen Sho (3 power stock)
fury (3 power stock - low life)

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