Thursday, June 18, 2020

Souther movelist

Souther is the sole successor of the Nanto Hōō Ken ("South Dipper Phoenix Fist") style and one of the Nanto Roku Sei Ken. He bears the destiny of the Star of Leadership, also known as the Polar Star and Star of the Southern Cross. The Star of Leadership rules over the Nanto constellation and therefore none of the other Nanto successors can defeat him..

Nanto Slash 
Nanto Crossed Slash
Seitei Crossed Jump
Nanto Combo Kick
Emperor's Counter
Stun sequence
Kyokusei Jyuji Eihapu (1 power stock)
Kyokusei Jyuji Ken (2 power stock)
Hosho Jyuji Ho (3 power stock)
Tensho Juji Ho (3 power stock - even in air - continuate press)
fury (3 power stock - low life)
life-up (3 power stock - very low life)

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