Friday, July 05, 2024

Ryuga movelist

He is the master of Taizan Tenrō Ken (Taishan Celestial Wolf Fist), a fast and cruel style which severs flesh from the victim's body, inflicting a cold sensation before death. He helped consolidated Raoh empire during his recovery from his Kenshiro fight.
Ryuga is the older brother of Yuria. 

Freezing Fist
Arrow (continuate press)
Hard Low Kick (during run)
Dash Claw Frontal
(50 tick)
Dash Claw Upward (even during Hard Low Kick or Dash Claw Frontal)
Tenrou Toga Ken (in air - even during Dash Claw Upward)
Stun sequence
Thousand Fangs Strike (1 power stock)
Wolf Fist (2 power stock - continuate press - release a single button change angle)
Hard Ice Fist (3 power stock)
fury (3 power stock - low life)

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