Monday, June 15, 2020

Jagi movelist

Jagi was the second youngest of the four Hokuto brothers, he was looked down on for his dirty tactics which demanded victory at any cost, such as relying on a shotgun or spitting needles.

combo punches (up 3 times)
Nanto Slash
Hand Bomb (1 avaible for match, 2 in total)
Shotgun (single fire)
Shotgun (double fire)
Shotgun (diagonal fire)
Recharge Shotgun (4 shells avaible in total)
Recover Shotgun
Rotating kick
Hard Kneeing
Shoulder hit (during run)
Needles (even during push push)
Recharge Needles
Stun sequence
Nanto Jaro Geki (1 power stock)
Multiples punches on air (2 power stock in air)
Multiples punches on air (2 power stock from stand)
Harat (3 power stock)
fury (3 power stock - low life)
life-up (3 power stock - very low life)

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